August 8, 2019

There’s a Dragon in Your Book by Tom Fletcher, illustrated by Greg Abbot

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There’s a Dragon in Your Book
by Tom Fletcher
illustrated by Greg Abbot
Random House

“Oh, look!
There’s an egg in your book!
It looks ready to hatch.
Whatever you do, don’t turn the page….”

From this text on the first page, author Tom Fletcher invites young readers directly into this story of a hatching dragon egg and a little dragon who doesn’t quite have fire control down to an art.  From patting the book to flapping it like dragon wings, readers are directed to undertake certain action.

Greg Abbot’s illustrations bring this cute little dragon to life.  With rounded lines and big eyes, she is definitely cute and not scary.

Would this book make a good bedtime story?  I guess it depends just how hard you want to work to put an excited young reader to bed.  It is actually much more suitable as a read aloud but be prepared for roaring and flapping as your listeners join in the story.

This technique, with the narrator speaking directly to the reader, is called breaking the fourth wall.  The fourth wall is the invisible wall between the audience and the stage or the reader and the story inside the book.  Some young readers love these stories and because of this Abbot’s books are popular with active, wiggly kids who may have troubles sitting still during a story.

If this sounds familiar or you think you recognize the art work, you may have read There’s a Monster in Your Book. Fletcher is a song writer and popular You-Tuber with active kids of his own.   I suspect that my own son would have loved this as much as he loved No, David!  



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