November 15, 2019

Sky Color by Peter Reynolds

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Sky Color
by Peter Reynolds
Candlewick Press

Marisol has turned the family refrigerator into her own art gallery and she loves to share her art with her friends.  So she is beyond excited when her teacher announces that the class is painting a mural for the library.

Together they sketched the long drawing and one by one her classmates announce which part they want to paint – fish and ocean.  Marisol gladly accepts the broad expanse of the sky, but then she realizes that there is no blue paint left for her to use.

On the way home from school, she stares out the bus window.  The sun approached the horizon.  At home, she watched the sky as day turned to night.  The next morning she smiled into the drizzle.  She was fully ready to paint in sky color.

You definitely have to see Reynold’s art work to see how Marisol works this out.  You can find the book read on Youtube but I hope you will read it yourself.

For those of you who have yet to experience a book written and illustrated by Reynolds, this one is a must read.  Sure, Marisol could have talked to her classmates about sharing the blue paint.  Or she could have asked her teacher for more. But that isn’t the story that Reynolds chooses to share.  Yet again, Reynolds has created a story about creativity and thinking outside the boxes that we create for ourselves.

This book is a short read – only 305 words but it tells a powerful story.  Reynolds art work begins with pen and ink to which he adds watercolor and even tea.  Share this book in your classroom or at reading time.  It is sure to inspire both discussion and also art work. But it would also make a good quiet read to share one on one.

Marisol is a character who truly sees.  Then she finds a way to share her vision with her friends.  But should we be surprised?  Probably not.  Because as Reynolds already told us.  Marisol is an artist.


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  1. […] quote caught my eye because I just read a children’s picture book with this theme.  Sky Color by Peter Reynolds is about a young artist.  When her class gets to paint a mural for the school library, they draw […]

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