April 8, 2020

Fortunately, The Milk by Neil Gaiman, illustrated by Skottie Young

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Fortunately, The Milk
by Neil Gaiman
illustrated by Skottie Young

When Mum leaves to attend a conference, Dad assures her that he has everything under control.  And things go reasonably well until he forgets to pick up milk for breakfast.  Will the kids have to have OJ on their cereal?  And worse yet, what will he use in his tea?

Determined to save breakfast, Dad heads off to the corner store.

He eventually returns and explains to the kids that NO he did not stand around talking to his friends.  He had a small mishap on the way home, fortunately the milk survived.

When they ask him what happened, he goes into a long drawn-out story about an alien ship, the space-time continuum, pirates, a volcanoe god, wumpires, and a time-traveling stegosaurus in a Floaty-Ball-Person-Carrier.  Oh, and I nearly forgot, the piranhas.

I’m not going to detail the plot because you really need to read it for yourself.  And since the book is just over 120 pages long?  Just read it.

Written for grades 3 up, this is a ridiculously silly story, just what so many of us need to read right now.  And while many would say it is silly just for the sake of being silly, Gaiman ties it all together rather nicely.  Skottie Young’s illustrations bring the silly tale to life.  My favorite illustrations were his wumpires which reminded me of cartoony Nosferatu.

Still not sure what to expect from this book?  That’s part of the Gaiman experience – his stories are always unpredictable adventures.  This one is also funny, silly funny but funny.

Unlike many children’s books, this book is written from the point-of-view of an adult – the father.  But he is an adult with child-like qualities and seen by the tale he spins for his children.  Or is it fact?  You’ll have to decide for yourself.


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