July 17, 2017

Antsy Ansel: Ansel Adams, A Life in Nature by Cindy Jenson-Elliott, illustrated by Christy Hale

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antsy anselAntsy Ansel:
Ansel Adams, A Life in Nature
by Cindy Jenson-Elliott
illustrated by Christy Hale
Christy Ottaviano Books

Both of this week’s books feature historic figures.  The first is a picture book biography of Ansel Adams.  Ansel was a lively boy.  He didn’t walk.  He ran. He could never sit still and his thoughts went everywhere at once.  Indoors, Ansel attracted a lot of negative attention so his father would suggest that he go outside.

Smart man, dad.

The Golden Gate Beach near his house allowed Ansel to explore nature.  He loved the booming surf and the gusting winds. Sometimes the strong forces of nature got out of hand. During the 1906 earthquake, Ansel was thrown into a wall and broke his nose.

But often nature was quiet.  Ansel spent hours in Lobos Creek, listening and looking.

School caged Ansel in and it wasn’t a good match.  Finally, when he was 13, his father withdrew him from school. “Give him open air,” explained Dad.

Ansel didn’t spend all of this time outside.  He studied piano and was tutored in French, Greek and algebra. When Ansel was 14, his aunt gave him a book about Yosemite Valley.  Ansel longed to see the mountains and the water for himself.  “It was love at first sight.”

His parents gave him a camera and his passion grew.  He often journeyed back to Yosemite which is where he met his wife. The pair worked and lived in Yosemite, raising a family there and helping give voice to the natural world.

Share this book with the nature photographer in your life.  Share it with the child who would rather be outdoors than in.  Share it with the young reader who is having troubles fitting in.

Yes, it is all about Ansel Adams but this book is truly about so much more.  Give it a place on your shelf and use it to introduce nature and photography into a young reader’s life.



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