June 6, 2011

Is Your Buffalo Ready for Kindergarten by Audrey Vernick illustrated by Daniel Jennewein

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Is Your Buffalo Ready for Kindergarten
by Audrey Vernick
illustrated by Daniel Jennewein
Publisher: Balzar + Bray
AR 2.5

As you approach the first day of school, there is one very important question you should ask yourself — is your buffalo ready for kindergarten?  If he has his very own backpack,  the answer is YES!  But that’s important to know, because some people will tell you that a buffalo has no business in school.

Whether your child is the shy one who has troubles making friends or is a social butterfly, this fun book will make a good read as they get ready for that first day.  Vernick manages to work in a host of school issues from worrying about being different to having to learn the rules as well as how to disagree with others.

Because the child is preparing her buffalo for school, this puts the child reader a step back from the problem itself.  “This isn’t a child’s problem.  The buffalo is the one who doesn’t know what he can eat or when!”  Young readers will see their worries on the page but will have the distance needed to deal with them comfortably.

Jennewein’s illustrations add to the humor showing the buffalo’s exaggerated expressions within a diverse classroom of students.  Who knows — your child may be inspired to draw his very  own buffalo or bear or boar.

Whether your child is getting ready for the first day of school or the first day of camp, this book will give you a humorous way to discuss potential problems and how to deal with them.  An excellent choice for the new teacher in your life as well — reading this book in the classroom would be an excellent way to work in a discussion of classroom behavior and the various rules.



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