November 28, 2013

Turkey Tot by George Shannon, illustrated by Jennifer K. Mann

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Turkey Tot
by George Shannon,
illustrated by Jennifer K. Mann
Holiday House

In honor of Thanksgiving Day, a fun picture book with a turkey hero.

They’re so fat and juicy, Turkey Tot can’t help wanting the ripe black berries hanging over heard.  Unfortunately, over head also means out of reach.  Not to be outdone by some high up berries, Turkey Tot explores the barn yard looking for what he needs to reach the fantastic fruit.

First he finds a ball of string.  He’s excited even though he realizes this isn’t an instant solution.  If it isn’t an instant solution, his friends aren’t even interested.  In fact, they’re down right discouraging.  This doesn’t change when Turkey Tot next finds a hammer and nails and then some cans.  Nope.  No good.  Still can’t reach the berries and hasn’t Turkey Tot always been the strange one.

Fortunately, Turkey Tot is a determined bird and soon he gets to work crafting an actual solution.

In case you haven’t already figured this out, George Shannon has created a Little Red Hen type of story in which one character does all the work while the others poo-poo his efforts.  In Shannon’s tale, Turkey Tot never actually asks for help.  He simply runs to his friends with each little bit of good fortune.

Jennifer K. Mann’s illustrations combine pencil, water color and digital work to create collages that compliment this story perfectly.  Her cartoon-y style keeps the feel of the story light no matter how often, Little Chick, Pig and Hen try to put Turkey Tot in his place.

Like I said before, this isn’t a Thanksgiving story so you could easily order it as an encouraging Christmas gift for the youngster in your life who is a natural problem solver, seeking out solutions that others overlook.


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