January 2, 2015

In the Wild by David Elliott, illustrated by Holly Meade

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In the Wild
by David Elliott
illustrated by Holly Meade
Candlewyck Press

Yes, yes.  Another post about a David Elliot book.  I have no excuses other than I’ve recently discovered his work when I read On the Wing and wanted to sample some more.

Where On the Wing was about a narrow grouping of animals (birds), In the Wild takes a look at a much broader slice of animal life.  From Asia to Australia and Africa to the Americas, Elliot samples animals from all over the world.  Ironically, the giraffe poem is only 4 lines long.  Another poem takes the form of a letter.  Although many of the poems rhyme, this isn’t the case with all of them and the collection presents an excellent cross section.

As such, this would be a solid book to share with a class or a home school group, allowing the young readers to mimic the styles present and try their hand at a variety of work.

As always, each poem teaches about the animal it represents and many display Elliot’s quirky sense of humor.  This is especially true of the final poem in the collection — a poem that many readers will assume is about extinction until they turn the page and get a surprise.

Holly Meade’s wood block and water color art work depicts the mood and setting of each poem to perfection.  Some display soft, inviting colors while others are sunlit and stark.

Share this book with the young animal lover or poet in your life.  Read it aloud to a group or to a single child, but do read it aloud to better appreciate the rhythm and play of the poems.




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