November 18, 2013

Golden Domes and Silver Lanterns: A Muslim Book of Colors by Hena Khan

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Golden Domes and Silver Lanterns:
A Muslim Book of Colors
by Hena Khan,
illustrated by
Chronicle Books

From the blue of the hijab covering her Mom’s hair to the red of Dad’s prayer rug, this book tells about the colors and experiences that surround a young Muslim girl throughout her day with her parents and her grandparents.

The book includes information on Ramadan (the month of fasting) and Eid (the celebration at the end of this month) as well as clothing, ornamentation and food.   Not sure you can remember all of the new vocabulary int he book?  Khan included a brief glossary to help you out.

Those of you who have heard about the controversy surrounding this book might be hesitant to pick it up — a father in Georgia returned the copy that his daughter bought at a school book fair.  He objected that the book was an attempt to indoctrinate children in the Islamic religion, but later amended his complaint to say that the fair shouldn’t sell any books that touch on religion.

The fact that someone could raise such a fuss about this gentle book tells more about the man complaining than it does about the book itself.  If you want your child to learn something about Islam and see it in the context of a child’s family and daily life, than this is the perfect book.  The text is light and lyrical.  The rich colors of the illustrations are lush without being jarring in any way.  In fact, the depth of color combined with the wide-eyed serenity of the figures reminds me of traditional icon paintings.  I found myself flipping back through the book just to study the art work.

Given the growing diversity of our country and our communities, this book is a must for parents who want their children to greet their classmates with respect and an open mind.



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