September 12, 2018

I Don’t Want to Be a Frog by Dev Petty, illustrated by Mike Boldt

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I Don’t Want to Be a Frog
by Dev Petty
illustrated by Mike Boldt
Doubleday Books for Young Readers

Last week, I discovered Dev Petty’s Frog books.  Anyone who parents a preschooler is going to understand Frog for what he is – a strong-willed preschooler.

In the first book, Frog makes it clear to his father that he does not want to be a frog.  He’d much rather be a cat or a rabbit, or a pig or an owl. Animal by animal, Frog’s father explains why he cannot be . . . whatever.  Where they live is too wet for him to be a cat.  He may be able to hop, but he doesn’t have long ears.  Eating garbage may sound do-able but Frog hasn’t even tried it.  And the problems with trying to be an owl?  There are so many that Father Frog makes a chart.

Yet, it isn’t his father who convinces him that it is better to be a frog.  If you know me, you can probably predict that I am NOT telling you who does convince Frog. You’ll have to read the book to find out.  But Petty has created a marvelous twist.

The adventures continued with I Don’t Want to Be Big and There’s Nothing to Do. My library didn’t have the fourth Frog book but when it arrives I expect that Frog will continue in all his argumentative, pre-school glory.

Petty’s text is simple and straightforward with each story told entirely through dialogue. These books would be great fun to read aloud especially if you enjoy doing voices.

The characters in Mike Boldts’ illustrations are expressive, making it clear to young readers when Frog is curious, amused or frustrated. The animals are silly and cartoony which is important in the first book when you see who sells Frog on being a frog. Definitely a fun group of books to share with the young book lovers in your family, class or library group.


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