May 10, 2012

Wolfsnail by Sarah C. Campbell

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Wolfsnail: A Backyard Predator
by Sarah C. Campbell
photographs by Sarah C. Campbell and Richard P. Campbell
Boyds Mills Press
AR 4.4

The text is deceptively simple but a young reader interested in the natural world will be hooked by the opportunity to learn about something so dramatic that can occur in their very own backyard.

Water from a spring rain
runs along the edge
of a porch.
It drips onto the  shell of a wolfsnail.
The snail is tucked inside its shell.

The rain awakens the wolfsnail and it is soon roaming the hostas looking for a handy meal.  Unlike other land snails, wolfsnails don’t eat plants.  They are the only land snail that is a predator — eating other snails and also slugs.  In fact, if the prey it finds is small enough, it devours it shell and all!

Campbell and her husband took the photos for this book and they did an amazing job.  As so often happens with really good photos, I caught myself “reading” the photos and had to go back and read the text.  Their photos are just that good.

You may think that all snails look alike, but if you have wolfsnails  in your area, your child will be able to recognize them after reading this book.  This is a great  study of the natural world and the difference between prey and predator.

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