July 25, 2017

Little Fox in the Forest by Stephanie Greagin

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Little Fox in the Forest
by Stephanie Greagin
Schwartz & Wade Books

A young girl brings her favorite toy, a stuffed fox, to the playground. While she is swinging, a real fox grabs her toy and takes off.  The girl and her friend chase him into the woods but soon lose sight of the pair of foxes.  They discover a fairy tale world of doors in trees, animal homes and animals wearing all manner of clothing.

They question a squirrel and a bear asking if anyone has seen the toy fox.  In fact they question an entire animal village.  It is only then that the bear realizes, wait!  He just might have seen the toy fox.  He leads them to fox’s home and where the children discover a mother fox reading a story to her kit who is cuddling the toy.

The girl sees how much the young fox loves her toy and sad he is at having to give it up.  The two work out a solution. No, I’m not going to tell you what that is.  You’re going to have to . . . well, I can’t exactly tell you to “read” the book.  Why?  Because it is wordless.  Wordless?  Yes, wordless.  Graegin tells the entire story through her digitally compiled pencil, watercolor and ink illustrations.  Prereaders will love this book because they are just as qualified to read it as any adult.

The pictures are also detailed and creative.  The story starts out monochromatic with Graegin using various greys.  It is only with the addition of the little fox that color and a sense of tension come into the story.

Use this book as a jumping off point for discussions on emotion (depicted in the illustrations), scene order (beginning, middle and end), and how they can tell what is going on.  You can even expand on this by asking them to make a wordless picture book of a well-known story.  They might work with a fairy tale or the story of a family vacation.

An excellent addition to your family bookcase.




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