March 4, 2009

Wolf Speaker by Tamora Pierce

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  wolf2Wolf -Speaker by Tamora Pierce (AR 5. 1 )

Randomhouse,  Atheneum , and Simon Pulse

This is book #2 in the Immortals series and I again listened to the audio book.   Daine travels cross country with her teacher only to be separated from him by a magical wall thrown up to close off a particular valley while mischief is afoot.  But what is going on that they want to hide?   And can Numair, Daine’s teacher, rejoin her before something awful happens?

Another excellent pick for fantasy lovers although this one felt a bit different than book #1, Wild Magic.   This may be because Daine deals with fewer humans and more animals, both mortal and Immortal, in this particular book.  Characters include wolves, squirrels, an eagle, cats, dogs and bats.

I especially enjoyed the humorous situations Daine found herself in as she explores her magical abilities.

Themes include loyalty, betrayal, and honor. 

There’s enough action to satisfy a boy reader if you can get him past the fact that the main character is a girl.  May be a bit introspective for most boys, but, again, not so much that they couldn’t enjoy the book.

This would also be a good pick for advanced readers.  Some listings place it with uppergrade titles and there are references to infidelity but it is done through insinuation more than anything specific. 


February 24, 2009

Wild Magic by Tamora Pierce

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wildWild Magic (AR 4. 9 )

by Tamora Pierce

Full Cast Audio

You may have already noticed that I’m often reviewing books I’ve listened to vs read.  Since I work from home, I listen to them at lunch.  They also keep me company when I’m knitting or crocheting.

But they can help your young reader too.  A friend’s son listens while he reads because he reads so fast that he retains little.  Listening slows him down.   My son reads above grade level but is a slow reader.  Listening while reading has helped build his confidence.  With confidence came a bit more speed.  

Any way, back to Wild Magic.  If you’ve got a fantasy lover who misses the Harry Potter books, try this — the first in The Immortals series.  Unlike HP, these books are sword and sorcery not contemporary.  

Daine gives little explanation when she seeks a job with a woman preparing to move a herd of mountain ponies.  She equally good with the horses and with her bow but she’s not as good with something else — her magic. 

And magic is a problem when long banished magical creatures make their way into the world and start harrassing people, including Daine’s new friends.   Daine can’t let the magican creatures dominate, not when she’s finally found a place where people might actually accept her as long as they don’t know the secrets of her past. 

Like HP, The Immortals series deals with mature issues and themes.  But the violence isn’t overly graphic and the pace is fast.  Maybe it would be the perfect choice for your next road trip.


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