September 25, 2009

The Day-Glo Brothers by Chris Barton

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Tdayglohe Day-Glo Brothers (AR 6.0)

by Chris Barton


When I think of colors, I don’t think of them as being invented.  How could they be?  Don’t they exist in nature, just waiting to be named?

Most of them do but Day-Glo colors didn’t.  Day-Glo colors are the shocking red, orange, yellow and green that are used on reflective clothing.  Think anti-collision yellow.

These colors are the brainchild of brothers Bob and Joe Switzer — one of whom wanted to be a magician while the other wanted to be a doctor.  Neither of them got their way, but they did invent a series of colors used by the military for high-visibility rescue gear but also within the entertainment industry.

This book will appeal to boys and girls who love to ask questions and are into science or magic or theater.  After I read it, I passed it down the sofa to my husband and he read it too.   I’ll catch my son when he gets home from school. This is a book that will soon have the gears in your mind spinning.


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