May 27, 2011

The Day Tiger Rose Said Goodbye by Jane Yolen

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The Day Tiger Rose Said Goodbye
by Jane Yolen
illustrated by Jim LaMarche
Random House

Tiger Rose has a good home with kids who love her and a dog who tolerates her.  But Tiger Rose is no longer a young cat. She has aches and pains and no longer loves the chase.

One spring day, when everyone has gone to the places that they need to go, she strolls through the farm and says goodbye to the dog, to the chipmunk, to the snake and to the starlings.

Then she takes one more giant leap.

Now, I’m going to make a confession.  I despise picture books where the pet dies. When I pick up a picture book about a pet, I flip to the library catalog information.  I read the summary.  I scan the topics for “death” or “dying.”  Let’s just say that I’ve read one to many maudlin tear-jerkers where the pet dies in the end.

But this is Jane Yolen!  Certainly Jane wouldn’t do that to me.  And she didn’t.  This is an amazingly gentle story about a much loved animal who has lived a full life and eases out of it at peace with her decision.

This book is an excellent choice for any child who has lost an elderly family pet.  Or an adult who has lost a much-loved four-legged or feathered friend.

Jim LaMarche’s illustrations compliment the gentle beauty of this story, from the cat’s pleasant expression to the dreamy quality of the colors.

Thank you to Yolen and LaMarche for a book that will ease the heartache and bring a quiet smile.


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