July 25, 2011

The Demon’s Surrender by Sarah Rees Brennan

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The Demon’s Surrender
by Sarah Rees Brennan
Margaret K. McElderry

Sin, short for Cynthia,  is the best dancer in the Market, second only to her mother. But in the Market, rhythm and grace aren’t nearly as important as luck because when a dancer’s luck runs out, there is always a demon to contend with and no one can fight off a demon.

Fortunately, Sin has a demon fighting by her side.  She isn’t sure juts how far she trusts Nick Reyves but she’s known him her whole life and, until they discovered that the boy next door was actually a demon, he was her favorite dance partner.

Yet Sin and Nick find themselves at odds when he supports her friend and arch rival in the contest over who will next rule the Market.  Sin just doesn’t understand how Mae, an outsider, can truly understand what is best for a world she didn’t even know about two years earlier.

Although you can understand this book well enough without reading the two that proceed it (The Demon’s Lexicon and The Demon’s Covenant), you’ll be missing out if you don’t go back and read them as well.  Dark humor and spot on characterization combine in a compelling creative urban fantasy that is dark and gritty and real in spite of the demons and necromancers that roam modern London.

Character relationships play enough of a role to satisfy female readers while boys will be pulled in by the sword play, strategy and action.  The humor is smart and sassy and the books are true YA — adults will love them even if they don’t love all the mischief the teen characters manage to get into.

A must read for urban fantasy fans.  And I certainly hope that with this trilogy tied up, Brennan has another project already in the works.


March 19, 2010

The Demon’s Lexicon by Sarah Rees Brennan

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The Demon’s Lexicon (AR 5 .9 )

by Sarah Rees Brennan

“The pipe under the sink was leaking again.  It wouldn’t have been so bad, except that Nick kept his favorite sword under the sink.”

Author Sarah Rees Brennan loses no time in plunging readers into the world of Nick and his older brother, Alan.  From their rundown home to the demon attack while Alan is fixing dinner, it is “been there, done that” for the brothers who have been on the run from demons and the magicians who summon them since their father died.

Things go from bad to worse when two kids from school show up in the middle of the attack.  How do you explain a dead guy in the middle of the kitchen and a swirl of attacking ravens?  Not to mention Mum — black-haired, wild-eyed and terrified of her youngest son who has no clue why his mother hates him.

But clues start to come together as Nick finds a hidden photo and figures out that his brother is lying to him.  Before Nick can unravel the lie, he has to find a way to save his brother’s life after Alan is marked by a demon.

Tween boy readers will love Nick and his sword.  Slice first.  Think later.  And maybe work in a worry or two about why you aren’t as emotional as those around you.

Tween girls will love Nick and his sword — what’s not to love about a good-looking bad boy who, in spite of everything, fights to save Alan and, because they matter to him, the two kids from school.

Action abounds but there is plenty to think about too as readers question the age-old battle of good vs evil, what it is to be human, and just what it means to have a soul.

A well-written addition to the genres of fantasy and the paranormal.  This book  stands a good chance of holding even a reluctant reader from beginning to end.

This is the first in a trilogy and I am looking forward to book #2, The Demon’s Covenant.


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