December 19, 2013

Mitchell Goes Bowling by Hallie Durand, illustrated by Tony Fucile

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Mitchell Goes Bowling
by Hallie Durand,
illustrated by Tony Fucile
Candlewick Press

“Mitchell ALWAYS knocked things down.  That’s just how he rolled. He even tried to knock down his dad. . . .”

Mitchell has more energy than he knows what to do with, fortunately Dad gets Mitchell and he’s going at helping the channel his son’s energy.  One Saturday when Mitchell is “doing his thing,” Dad takes him on a little adventure to the bowling alley.

Brightly colored bowling balls.  Delicious pizza smells.  And the crash of pins going down.  It doesn’t take long for Mitchell to realize that the bowling alley may actually be the greatest place ever.  He even gets to see his dad to a funny steaming hot potato dance.

But Mitchell gets frustrated because there’s no steaming hot potatoes in his game.  Unlike Dad, he can’t get a strike.  Unlike Dad, there are lots of frames where his ball goes in the gutter and sometimes he even falls down.  Using the blower to dry his hands, and his hair, doesn’t help.  Kicking up one foot like Dad does doesn’t help.  Even prayer doesn’t effect his score.

That’s when Dad invites him to be on his team.  Mitchell says yes and, working together, they manage to get a strike with Mitchell’s ball and together they do the steaming hot potato dance . . . with salsa.

I love that Mitchell’s dad gets his son.  He gets his energy levels.  He gets his need to succeed.  And the knows how to roll with it all.  Dad and boy work together.

Not to mention, this book is just plain funny.  The cover art hints at it, but the steaming hot potato dance with salsa is a riot.

Tony Fucile’s digital illustrations are a perfect compliment for this story.  The expressions that he captures for both Mitchell and Dad add so much to their respective characters, making them both fun and quirky.

Share this one with the young book lover in your life and prepare yourself to discuss the best ways to use up that excess energy.


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