March 10, 2010

Need by Carrie Jones

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Need (AR 3 .3 )

by Carrie Jones

Zara, sent to live with her grandmother following her father’s death, feels betrayed.  How could he just die?  How could her mother just dump her?

Slowly, Zara realizes why her mother made this difficult choice and the teen starts to live again — actually paying attention to the world around her and noticing some disturbing things.  First of all, who is the shadowy man she keeps seeing?  Second, what has happened to the two boys who disappeared?

Zara quickly makes friends and one of them is as into helping people as she is. Nick is tall and handsome and Zara wants to get to know him better.

::spoiler alert::

Zara gets to know him when she pulls an arrow out of his shoulder although she doesn’t initially realize that the huge dog (she’s never seen a wolf) is actually Nick.  And the creature that shot him is a pixie — not a cute pixie but more like a killer faerie.

Reviewers have compared Need to Twilight.  To me, Zara seems much more capable than Bella.  Sure, Nick saves her a time or 20 but she saves him too. And the plan that rids them all of pixie problems is Zara’s.

Like Twilight, this is a paranormal romance although the paranormal/fantasy elements take off slowly enough that you might initially think you are reading a straight up contemporary novel albeit a dark one.

This would be an excellent choice for a teen or tween who is suffering from Bella and Edward withdrawal.   Although there is some violence, the romance is mostly of the yearning variety (no sex).

I will definitely be checking out the next book — Captivate.


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